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The Tasman coat; Victorian Australian Fashions; Powerhouse Museum | Jacket, man's, convict, particoloured, wool, made in Britain, used in Australia, 1855-1880. Comparison shop for australian traditional clothing Women's Shirts & Blouses in Clothing & Accessories.

Traditional Australian clothing, and modern styles as well. The oil skin clothing is another traditional type of clothing worn in the outback.

Best Answer: Our traditional dress for indigenous tribes is usually just pieces of cloth used to cover private areas. Australian Traditional Clothing "Traditional" Australian clothing could be said to be that of the swagmen and bushmen of the past.

Bridal Gowns and Wedding Dresses: Australian wedding gown and dress retailers. Search "Australian Aborigine images" and you should find some photos.

Within this section you will find information on traditional Aboriginal traditional clothing. To dress up as a famous Australian, do an online search, or get to your local library, and look scene, circuses have been so much more than elephants and traditional clowns.

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During ceremonies specific types of dress or ceremonial costumes were worn. When you are talking about Aboriginal, it has to do with the ethnic Aborigines, which is commonly known as the indigenous Australian.

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